Salary & benefit survey specialists

Alan Jones & Associates Ltd

Alan Jones & Associates Ltd is a specialist salary and benefit survey provider. We have been running confidential, accurate and up-to-date surveys of pay and benefits in the UK and internationally since 1979. Alan Jones, who founded the company, was a pioneer in conducting surveys where the needs of the participants were met in terms of survey content and timelines; he developed the flexible and personalised service for which the company is well known. Alan Jones ran the first surveys from offices in Warrington but moved to Monmouth in South Wales in 1982 operating first from the Old Toll Cottage in Mayhill, Monmouth, before building new offices better suited to the needs of an expanding business at the Apex House Business Centre site in the Wonastow Trading Estate.

We have over 1000 UK companies taking part in more than 50 surveys - all run on a regular basis, some continuously. In addition, we conduct many one-off, bespoke surveys to meet the information needs of our client companies. All our salary surveys are strictly confidential with the results circulated only to participants. They are designed to provide clear, comparative information in an easily accessible format.

Each survey has been developed in partnership with the participating group, providing them with the data that they want, when they want it. The surveys vary in terms of jobs covered, analysis provided, timelines. Some surveys are salaries only, some are hourly paid rates, some are salaries and benefits, others benefits only. Service to our clients is at the heart of our work and flexibility is one of our strengths as a survey provider.

Alan Jones & Associates Ltd is still an independent company running salary and benefit surveys. Our surveys are cost-effective and focused on providing our client companies with clear, easy to use pay and benefits information. Learn more about our salary and benefits surveys in the UK. If you have any questions and wish to find out more about what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.